A tree stump will be cut to make timber in Tasmania

Posted June 09, 2019 08:17:53A tree stump has been removed from a site in Tasmania to be used as a timber mill.

Tasmanian Premier Steven Marshall said the stump, about 500 metres from the state’s largest dam, would be cut and used to make wood.

“The stump is being removed and it will be used for making timber for the mill,” he said.

“It’s been cut and it’s being processed and it has been transported to a site where it will meet up with the rest of the stump that we’ll be cutting.”

When we have the timber in the mill, it will then be processed and that will be shipped back to the mill.

“Mr Marshall said he had spoken to the owners of the site who had expressed a desire to work with him on the project.”

I’m delighted that the mill owners have expressed a willingness to work collaboratively with us to make sure that this is a positive project for the people of Tasmania,” he told reporters.”

We’re hoping to get this timber mill to start production within a few months.

“He said the timber would be processed in the Tasmanian town of Kayswater, about 15 kilometres north of Hobart.”

A timber mill is a big job, it takes a lot of time and money to do it,” Mr Marshall said.

Tests on the timber will determine its weight.”

There are some people who might be able to do that work, but it will take a long time to get that done,” he added.”

And I hope the people who are working on it will not get injured.

“So we’re trying to make it as safe as possible.”

Mr Marshall said the project was being led by the timber mill owners, Kayswaters and Gains, and that a tender had been lodged.

“They’re very excited about this project,” he noted.

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