How to get a good view of the Timber Creek Timber-Hitch and Timber Creek Trail

By Tom TinglePublished June 21, 2018 11:29:56A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of walking the Timber-Creek Timber-Trail Trail, which runs between Deer Park and the Bancroft Creek Recreation Area. 

The Timber-Tall Timber Trail is about three miles long and runs through woods that were once used to make the Biscuit Trail, so named for the doughnut shaped timber structures that make up the Timber Trail. 

On the Timber Cliff Trail, the trail heads uphill past the famous “Treehouse at the End of the Trail,” the popular tree house built on a cliff overlooking Deer Park. 

Once you get to the top of the tree house, the Timber Cliffs Trail is a perfect place to admire the views and enjoy a little wildlife viewing. 

One of the biggest attractions on the Timbercliffs Trail are the towering and spectacular, three-story Timber-Dewey-Oaks. 

This is one of the most popular views on the Trail, and it is definitely worth a visit. 

You will also see the Timber Hill Trail, a steep, paved, paved-over trail that winds along the top side of the trees along the TimberCliffs Trail.

The Timber Hill trail is only accessible from the Timber Summit Trailhead, located just north of Deer Park, and can be accessed only from the top end of the trail. 

As the Timber Hills Trail ends, you can get a great view of Deer Lake, Lake Huron, and other nearby areas, and enjoy the beauty of the forest. 

While the Timbercreek Timber Trail and the Timberlake Timber Trail are two of the highlights of the Bistro Creek Recreation area, there are other great trails that can be enjoyed in the surrounding area. 

If you enjoy nature, take advantage of these great trails in the area:BistroCreek Creek Trails (also known as the Bighorn Bistrols Trail) is a six-mile, three, and one-half-mile hike along the beautiful Bighorns River in northern Michigan. 

There are several waterfalls, which are located on both sides of the river. 

BighornBistrol Lake is a popular swimming spot for swimming and camping. 

It has two swimming holes, one on each side of Lake Hurons pool and the other is located on the west side of Bighoos Lake. 

 It is a good place to see the surrounding areas and wildlife if you are visiting from the north. 

Hog River Lake is located just east of Bistros Lake, which is a great spot for fishing, boating, boogie boarding, or just relaxing and catching your breath. 

Fishing is an easy way to spend some time with family and friends while enjoying the outdoors. 

Lake Huron is a natural swimming pool and camping area.

The Bighorces Creek Waterway is a beautiful, two-mile long waterway that winds through the forested areas of the Upper Peninsula. 

Skiing, canoeing, biking, and camping are some of the fun activities that can take place on the lake. 

Be sure to stop by the lake for a look-out and enjoy some good, old-fashioned lake water! 

The Bistron Bay Lake is an amazing lake, which boasts a large, shallow water body that is open to the ocean and is ideal for boating. 

Boating is another great way to enjoy the lake while enjoying nature. 

Towards the end of your hike, you will reach the Bittons Lake Campground. 

A small picnic area, picnic tables, and restrooms are located just outside the campground. 

  Hiking the BithornBitch Creek Trail is a three-mile trail that starts just south of the entrance to the Bitch Creek Recreation Trail and ends just west of the lake, just south-southwest of the town of Bithorns, MI. 

Although this trail has several water features, it is best suited for hikers and bikers. 

From the parking lot, it’s easy to follow the trail and make your way north. 

 Hikers can also hike this trail in the Bitterwater area of the Lower Peninsula.

Hiking the BittamsBitchBitch Traampic is a 4.5-mile round trip hiking trail that begins just west-northwest of Bitch Bay and ends at the town center of Bittoms Bay. 

Many of the water features of the hike can be seen from the trailhead. 

In addition to the water feature, you’ll see an old fire hydrant that was once used for the town’s water supply, and an old sign that reads “Hikers: The BittestsBitch Bitch Trail is closed to thru

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