Which footwear shoes are safe to wear in the office?

It’s a question that’s been debated for years: Which footwear are the safest to wear on the job?

For most people, the answer is the same: Just don’t wear those sandals or flip flops.

“You shouldn’t wear sneakers in the morning,” says Kristin Larkin, a retail assistant at an Ottawa coffee shop.

“Just don’t be on the move.

You’re not going to be running around the office.”

In fact, Larkin advises against wearing shoes when you’re at home, or in a busy environment.

“I mean, it’s like wearing your clothes to work,” she says.

“It’s the same as if you’re going to work in a big city and you’re not wearing shoes.

So, just don’t.”

If you’re worried about how your shoes will affect your work, Larkins says she suggests you don’t go running or do any physical activity at all.

Instead, she recommends going for a walk, cycling or swimming.

“Take a short, easy, casual walk, and then you’re done,” says Larkin.

“If you’re feeling like you’re about to fall, just turn around and walk away.”

And when you do get sick, Larkson says it’s important to keep your feet warm.

“And if you get sick and you have a cold, make sure you don`t get a cold,” she advises.

Larkin also recommends wearing protective shoes to help you maintain a healthy appearance and keep your nails from getting scratched.

But the good news is you don�t have to be afraid of wearing your work shoes on the road.

“That doesn’t mean that if you want to wear heels, you shouldn’t,” says Elizabeth Stirling, a health and safety instructor at the Ottawa Public Library.

“We don�ll go around and make you wear heels.”

She recommends wearing ankle socks, a boot with enough padding, and a long sleeve shirt or hoodie.

She also recommends that you wear protective footwear if you plan to be walking for a long time or if you have to take a long walk.

“Walk with the goal in mind,” says Stirling.

“Be in a comfortable walking position.

And don’t overdo it, because you can easily break your foot.”

With files from the CBC’s Kim Jones.

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