How to fix a child’s wooden frame

There are plenty of wooden frames in the house, but if you have a toddler, they’re a little tricky to fix.

The problem is, toddlers don’t know how to hold the pieces.

And, of course, they have no idea how to use them.

Here are some tips to help your child keep their wooden frame together.


Find out the size of your toddler’s wooden bed.

If your toddler is taller than 5 feet 10 inches, they probably won’t be able to reach the top of the frame with a broom or the side of a bedpost.

If they’re shorter, they might need to use their hands or their arms.

And if they’re smaller than 5-foot-11 inches, that could be a problem too.


Find a way to keep the wooden frame on the floor.

You might be able a little elbow room to allow your toddler to reach for the pieces and use them while you’re sitting or lying on your back.

If that’s not possible, try using a wooden table or chair.


Make sure the wooden frames are in good condition.

Wooden frames tend to wear out, which is why they should be cleaned frequently.


Make your toddler aware that they can put wood into their frame.

Don’t assume that just because you don’t see the frame, it’s not there.

They’ll be amazed to find that it’s there.


Put a sturdy blanket on the bed so that it won’t fall over when you get home.

If you want to keep your baby and toddler warm, wrap the blanket around their wooden bed and lay it on top of them.


Keep the wooden bed covered with a cloth.

You can even use a blanket with the frame in it.

It doesn’t have to be as long as a baby blanket, but it’s a good idea to cover the frame and wooden bed with the blanket so that they don’t have a problem.


Keep your child warm and cozy.

If the frame is too large to cover your child, they can use a small mattress or a small, low-heeled footstool to sit on.

This will help keep the frames from falling over.


Make a wooden box for storing the frame.

A box can be made for your child’s bed, but you can also make a wooden frame box.

It’s an easy way to make your child feel like they have control over their own home.


Get your toddler out of the house by early morning.

It might not be practical, but the wooden box is a great idea.

Your toddler won’t have the time to look after their wooden frames, so it’ll be great to have someone else to take care of them for them.

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