How to tame the Texas timber rattlesneak

A Texas-based company has found that rattlesnarang bites are more effective when the bites are inflicted on a human rather than on a tree. 

The study found that people who were bitten by rattlesnorangs were actually less likely to suffer from a fatal illness when the snake was on a person, said co-author Dr. Matthew Gagnon, of the University of Texas at Austin. 

A study published in the journal PLOS One showed that people with severe bites were more likely to die, as were people bitten by wild rattlesnoes. 

Dr. Gagnons team was also able to compare the effectiveness of different types of rattles and find that rattlers used in the study were more effective than non-rattle-toting snakes, Dr. Gagner said. 

“In our experiments, we found that if you use rattles, they are more humane,” Dr. John Kiley, the co-principal investigator on the study and an assistant professor at the University at Albany School of Forestry and Environmental Science, told The Associated Press.

“You can use a rattlesnae to protect yourself and your family, but you can’t use a snake to kill an individual.”

The study looked at the effectiveness for rattles in treating humans with acute and chronic injuries and to prevent death in a controlled, long-term study.

The researchers found that for acute injuries, the effectiveness was as good as using a snake. 

For chronic injuries, however, the study found no significant difference between rattles or non-ruin rattles.

Dr. Kiley said rattles were used in many different ways and were also effective in treating burns and other wounds.

“The fact that it works as a wound-healing agent in humans is pretty neat,” Dr Kiley told AP.

“It’s kind of amazing.”

Dr. David D’Avanzo, who was not involved in the research, said the results showed that the rattles used in these experiments were more humane.

“I would think it’s more humane to use a non-reinforced steel or steel plate, like a metal bar or something like that,” Dr D’avanzo told AP in a phone interview.

“There are things that can’t be done with a snake bite, and the rattling method can be a great alternative.”

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