How to kill a timber snake

If you’ve ever been to the Australian Outback, you’ll know that these things are real, and not just scare-tactics.

There’s a good reason for this, and it has nothing to do with how much you can put in your freezer.

In the wild, there’s a real threat of being bitten by one, and the reason is that the species is extremely shy.

So how do you catch a timber spinner?

It’s hard, and that means the only way to do it is with your bare hands.

But you can do it if you’ve got a good grip on your snake, or a good pair of scissors.

You’ll want to use your thumbs, or maybe a combination of both.

The biggest problem is getting a grip on the snake.

The snake is very strong and will struggle to get a grip, so it’s best to use a strong snake-handkerchief or tarp.

The tarp is made of cotton fabric, which makes it strong, and makes it easier to grip.

If you’ve only got a small snake and have a pair of tweezers, you can cut a little bit off one end and then hold the snake with your thumb.

You can also just hold it close to your hand.

Once you’ve cut off one of the ends, use a pair or a pair and a half of scissors to cut off another.

Use the tweezer to make sure you’re not cutting into the snake’s skin, or it might bite your hand off.

Make sure the tweezer is sharp and clean, because it will take a long time to remove the skin.

If you have a sharp knife, try cutting it through a piece of string or some other material to get rid of the sharp material.

Don’t try to do this on the outside of the snake, as it’s easier to remove it later.

You can also try cutting through a thin piece of paper towel.

This will make it easier for you to remove any skin from the snake while you’re doing it.

Once you’ve done all the cuts, put the snake back in the freezer.

Now that you’ve successfully killed a timber spoon, you might be wondering what else you can kill it with.

Well, there are a few ways you can try, but the safest way is to cut a piece out of a tree trunk, or use a knife to cut out the inside of the trunk.

It’s best not to try to kill the snake on the inside, because you may get a bit of blood from the sharp edge of the tarp or tweezerman, or you may find the snake dead inside the tarantula.

This is a very painful experience, so don’t try this.

After killing the snake you’ll need to wash it and put it into the freezer to dry.

I would recommend using a tarp to keep the tarsus warm and dry while you do this, as that’s where the venom is.

It’s best if you get a tarantulas legs out of the freezer first, and then put them in the tarragon.

Then you’ll be able to use them as you like, as long as you don’t eat the snake as a snack.

It might even make your hands itch.

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