How to paint your iPhone 6 with the Corelle shadows

With the iPhone 6’s camera and rear camera now both able to shoot with a high-quality 4K, you can use the shadow tools on the camera to add depth to photos.

You can even add a little extra depth to an otherwise lifeless shot by using the camera’s depth of field and exposure time slider to tweak the look of the photo.

The best part?

The tool is actually pretty simple.

The Corelly Shadows plugin for iOS 8 and later allows you to choose between five different Corelles shadows: Corelley’s Light and Deep, Corelille’s Deep Black, Corelus’ Metallic, Corellia’s Metallic and Corelilian’s Metallic.

The settings are all very similar and you can pick whichever one you like the most.

The main difference is that you can only use one Corellie shadow per app.

We’ve tested the Corellilian Metallic shadow on our iPhone 6S Plus and it’s pretty good.

The shadows are fairly consistent across the different camera apps we tested, but you can see that it’s a bit sharper on the iPhone 5s.

We can’t say whether that’s because of the camera itself or because the light is brighter on the 6SPlus than the 5s, but it certainly looks like a good deal more detail can be added to photos using the Corele shadows.

The most interesting thing about the Corelus shadows is that they can be applied to a variety of different lighting conditions, including outdoor lighting.

The only way to see how they’ll look in real life is to take photos in a dark room, but that’s usually a challenge when you’re shooting in portrait mode.

As we mentioned, we didn’t have much luck with the shadows on our iPhones, but we can’t blame Corelelle for that.

The real draw here is the fact that you don’t have to worry about any other software editing tools that may need to be turned on to apply the shadows.

We tested all five of the Core lite shadows with the iPhone camera and found that they applied nicely to all of them.

We like that the Corelite shadows are so simple and straightforward, and the tools themselves are easy to understand.

For example, you might use the Corelight Shadows plugin on your iPad to add a bit of depth to a photo by adding a little more light to the background, or you can choose between four different Corelite shadow settings to give your photos a bit more depth.

You don’t even need to use the full Corellets shadow tools in order to apply these shadows.

When you’re done applying the shadows, simply hit the Home button to close out of the shadows and you’re all done.

This means that you’re free to switch between Corelleys, Coreliches and Coreltilleys depending on the lighting conditions you’re in.

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