Timber Ridge Farm: the best way to find and keep local produce

The Timber Ridge farm in Wigan, North Wales, is known for its spectacular views and abundant, healthy local produce.

Timb’s website has plenty of guides for finding the farm’s produce.

But for our readers who have never visited the farm before, this article is going to be a little different.

The first thing you need to know is that the farm itself is a stunning natural gem.

Timba’s site tells you all you need.

Here’s what you need know about the farm: 1.

The farm is open year round and its only open from September to May, but it’s open from March to October.

There’s no charge to visit the farm, but you will need to bring your own vehicle.

There are also some nice amenities for visitors to the farm.

For one, you can take a tour of the farm or walk the paddocks on horseback.

There is also a car park with a free shuttle service for visitors with a wheelchair.


The Farm itself is open to visitors from the age of five.

The property is a very beautiful nature reserve and is home to some of the most beautiful wildflowers in Wales.

This farm is also open for hiking on the trails, camping and birdwatching.

The trail is called the Timber Ridge Way.

It starts in the village of Hinchingbrooke, runs for 10 kilometres and ends in the Wigan National Park.

You can take this way as far as Hinchingsbrooke and back again.

Timbalts guide to finding the Timber Crest Way to the Timber Hill Farm is a good place to start.

Timber Crest Way is a beautiful walk up the Timberhill Walk, a rocky ridge which takes you through beautiful valleys, forests and grasslands.

There you can see timber from a height of up to 3 metres above the ground.

The walk starts at the foot of the Timber Mountain and ends at the Timberhead, where you can catch the sunrise or sunset.

Timbre and wildflower growth in the timber is very spectacular.

There can be wildflour in many different locations.

Timbs guide to growing wildflax at the timber farm is a great place to get started.


The Timber Hill farm is part of the Forest and Farmlands Authority (FA) which is the governing body for local and regional agriculture.

The FA is responsible for protecting local heritage, encouraging sustainable agricultural practices, and providing landholder input into the planning process for the development of local agricultural areas.

The forestry on the farm is managed by the Forest Service.

There, you will see a beautiful landscape of forests and hills, with many of the hills being in good condition.

The Forest Service also has a range of activities to get you in the woods.

Timbers guide to the Forest Forest Service is the land management body for the forest.

This is an organisation which is run by the local community.

They are also the local landholders for the local area.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you must follow the Forest Services guidelines for the Forest.

The Forestry Regulations require that timber be kept in a controlled environment and must not be exposed to the elements.


Tim Bowers owns and operates the Timber Farm.

The name Timber Hill means ‘the Hill’.

The farm has been managed as a natural heritage reserve since the 1920s.

It is now part of Forest Service land and has a very interesting history.

Tims guide to learning more about Timber Hill includes information about how the timber grows and why it’s a favourite amongst birds and other wildlife.


Timber Hill is open from February to May and is the oldest farm in the country.

Tim and his wife Sarah run the farm with their four children.

The children are six to 10 years old and Sarah is an artist.

The kids are also part of Timb.

They spend a lot of time learning about wildlife and plants and how to care for them.

They also play a part in the local school, the Timber Hills School.

The family is very close-knit and their son and daughter-in-law have been part of Timber Hill since they were kids.

The story behind the farm dates back to the early 19th century.

The Bowers family moved to Wigan when they were about 15 years old.

Tim is also the father of Timbalt, one of the four children who live with Tim and Sarah at the farm today.

Tim’s wife Sarah, who also works as a guide, started her own farm at the same time.

Tim says, “We didn’t have the money to start a farm so we decided to move our family to the area where there was no water and no land.”

Tims story is an example of the power of community to build a strong, sustainable farm and preserve a rich past.


The timber on the Timber Mounts way is also known as the Timber Peak Way, which refers to the peak that sits on the hill.

The peak is

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