What the future holds for the timber lake and the new timber camps in Lake Louise

Posted January 10, 2018 06:08:54A major change to the area around the Woodland Lakes National Park has been approved.

The Forestry Minister, David Gillespie, confirmed the project is a big one, with the final decision on whether the forest is allowed to continue on a future date still to come.

Forestry Minister David Gillespie announced the final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) of the proposed Woodland Lake Timber Camp.

Key points:The proposed Woodlands Forestry Centre and Woodland Camps are the largest forestry projects in North QueenslandThe Forestry Minister said the proposed site at the Woodlands Lakes National park is one of the biggest forestry projects that have been proposed in North AustraliaMr Gillespie said the timber camp would be a “big one”The Woodlands Lake, the largest national park in north Queensland, has a population of about 300 people, but has only one forest camp.

“This is a really big project that will have a huge impact on the whole landscape of the Woodlawn Lakes National Parks,” Mr Gillespie said.

“It will be one of our largest and best-managed national parks, and it’s going to be a very significant project.”

Mr Gillespie has made the announcement with the backing of the Northern Territory Government, which has a long history of logging in the area.

“The timber project is very significant and will be a big project in terms of the size and the impact that it’s having on the surrounding landscape,” he said.

Woodland Lake, one of four timber camps being proposed in the Woodlust Lakes National parksMr Gillespie and his colleague, David Smith, have been in the forestry business for more than 40 years.

“We started as loggers,” Mr Smith said.

The Woodlamps project has attracted the attention of the NT Government, and in 2017 they agreed to fund a project to remove a section of the forest.

“What I was really pleased about, was that it came with the NT government agreeing to fund it,” Mr Gilsons father said.

Mr Smith said it was a big win for the project, with more than 200 people being involved in the project.

“There’s about 300 hectares that are being cut off,” he explained.

“A lot of the wood will be gone, and that will be sold for a lot of money.”

Mr Smith added that the NT Forest Department would be able to “pick up the pieces” and the NT Forestry Minister would be involved in discussions with other interested parties.

“They’re still negotiating with the landowners,” Mr Harris said.’

It’s a really good project’Woodlamp timber camp in Woodlamp, north of BundabergThe Woodlust Camp has a capacity of about 20 people, and will run from the Woodcamp to the Woodcrest area.

The site at Woodlamped was first proposed in 2018, and is still one of Mr Gillespie’s favourite sites.

“I’ve always been keen on a timber camp site because of its natural beauty and the fact it’s a very remote location,” he told ABC News.

“So I’ve always wanted to build a timber project here, which is the perfect location.”

Mr Gilsmans father said the site would be the largest in the country.

“Woodlamps is a very special area,” he added.

“Its a very unique place to work.

It’s the heart of the area.”

The Woodland camp is expected to take about 20 years to complete.

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