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‘We’re a family in the woods’: Timber lodge owners describe their community

“We are a family of trees,” said Mike McNeill, a father of two boys who runs Timber Cove Lodge on the northwest edge of the timber trail.

“We have a group of people, and we’re a team.

We have our own campground.

We’re a good-natured group, and people come from all over the country.””

We’re not like some other people who just get a little bit more attention.

We do our job, we treat everybody with respect.

We don’t get a lot of attention.”

The Timber Cove is the latest addition to the small lodge community in Lad, located in the central Alberta area about 120 kilometres west of Edmonton.

The lodge has been offering woodworking classes, a full-time campground and a family cottage since the 1970s.

The family has enjoyed being the community’s go-to spot for camping, hunting and fishing, said McNeill.

“It’s been an incredible community for a long time.”‘

It’s a community of people’The Timber Creek Lodge is just one of a number of small lodges in Lad.

The community has been known for its lodge campgrounds, which can be found at most of the other lodges on the forested area, but the lodge community’s main lodge, located at the base of the Timber Cove, is unique in that it was built on a former timber bridge, according to McNeill and his brother, Craig.

“Our main lodge was built by a man called John Lister who was a timber rafter, and he was the first person to build a log bridge in Lad,” Craig McNeill said.

“So, you know, we’ve always been able to access the lodge.

We’ve always had access to the lodge.”‘

We’re just trying to make a good life’McNeill and Craig McNeil run Timber Cove for themselves, and have enjoyed their time in the community, but they have seen it evolve over the years.

“There’s always a new project going on, a new building, new fire pit, new road, new building that’s coming up,” McNeill explained.

“But there’s always an interest in making the lodge and having a good time doing it.”

We’ve always done things the right way, and it’s been that way for the past 20 years, and that’s what we’ve tried to continue doing.

“But now, it’s time for us to get back to the old ways, to go back to a more traditional lodge and campground,” he added.

A ‘good-naturing group’McNeil said his brother Craig has always encouraged his brother to go outdoors more than he has, and the two men have a strong relationship.

“He’s always been a guy who goes out and has fun, and is very friendly, and likes to be outdoors, but it’s not a lifestyle that he enjoys.”

McNeill said that’s why he wanted to get out on the trails again, and build a lodge campground out of the logs he collects for his own use.

He said the logs are worth a lot more than a traditional campground because the fire pit is usually full and ready to go, which is the main reason why it’s important to have a fire pit that can be easily accessed, and to have access to it whenever possible.

“It’s an amazing resource,” he said.

“So, we just keep collecting as much as we can, and as much timber as we have.”

A woodworking campground, with campfires on a log road near the Timber Creek, Lad, Alberta, Canada.

Photo by Craig McNeils.

The Timber Lake Lodge, located on the eastern side of the forest, is one of the first lodges to offer woodworking courses and a campground on the lodge grounds, according the lodge’s website.

McNeill has been a woodworker since he was a kid and now has more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

“I started doing woodworking when I was 11, and I worked as a lumberjack,” he explained.

He was in his early 20s when he moved to the forests of the North and joined a family-run business in the area.

“The business that I started, I have been in for more than 20 years.

I’ve been in the business for nearly 20 years now, and when I’m not in the lodge, I’m in the field.”‘

I think it’s a good thing for the forest’A lodge is a great way to have fun outdoors, said Craig McGlinchey, who runs the lodge camp site and a woodworking course.

“I think the lodge has given people a place to relax and to be creative.

And it’s the same thing for us.

It’s a family.””

It gives a lot for the land and the forests.

It helps you to have an adventure,

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