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Bamboo Timber: The story of a small-scale timber project in rural India

In February 2017, I was visiting an isolated village in the remote Himalayan foothills of the Himalayas.

The village was on a hilltop, just a few hundred metres away from the nearest town.

The locals had brought along a local lumberjack named Manu, a very proud and friendly man who always took his time to tell me stories of the timber he had cut, how he had worked with it, and how the villagers liked it.

When I arrived, he was just about to take me inside, when suddenly a large man emerged from a dense bush, a large tree, and came to meet me on the other side.

Manu was a very tall man, with a big face, a big jaw, and a big, long, dark beard.

He spoke very softly and very softly.

I asked him how he was doing, and he said he had been on a trek, and had just been about to start the trek when he heard the gunshots in the distance.

“That’s the sound of a sniper, you guys,” he said.

He was talking about the soldiers of the Indian army who had recently arrived, and they were shooting at a group of people who had been throwing rocks at the soldiers.

Manus was an elder of the village, and his father had joined the army after the fall of the last separatist government in 1971.

“When I heard that, I felt like crying,” Manus told me.

“We have been living here all our lives, and this is our home.

We’re not living like this in India anymore.”

For decades, the village had been a refuge for those who had fled violence and deprivation in India’s northeast.

Now, they had fled, and many of the people living there had lost their homes.

The land around Manus village was rich in timber.

It had been developed into a thriving, highly profitable industry, and the people who lived here had taken advantage of the economic boom.

In the 1970s, the country’s first government-controlled forest department had set aside more than a million hectares of forest for timber harvesting, and timber production had grown rapidly.

A year later, the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi had declared a national forests declaration, and it was a government policy to make it easier for Indian forest owners to set aside land for logging.

A big government agency was created to oversee the logging, and in 2002, the Indian government created a national forest department under the title Forest Management and Management Improvement (FIMI) to manage forests.

The forest department is responsible for protecting forests and forests, while also promoting the forestry sector in the country.

In 2009, when Manus began his trek, the forest department and the department of forests, which is under the Ministry of Environment and Forests, had set up a system of monitoring and assessing the timber that the forest management department had approved for the forest, and which had been approved by the forest board, in addition to the Forest Development and Forestry Board, which was a separate body.

It was in this environment that Manus came upon the group of armed men.

As I was coming to understand how the people in Manus knew the forest so well, I started thinking about how the Indian forest management and forest board could be the first to protect it from these attacks, and I also started thinking that if the people of Manus were to be the most important stakeholders in this issue, the people they work with in this country should also be the greatest stakeholders.

A few days later, a group from the forest ministry, accompanied by a team from the department, arrived at Manus, carrying what they called a special-purpose vehicle, or PPUV, a white military vehicle.

It carried a large, heavy-looking trailer with an armed guard on board, with the name of the forest development and forestry board.

The PPUVs are small, armoured vehicles that are designed to carry heavy equipment and can be deployed anywhere in the forest.

The vehicle had two people sitting on the front seats, one of them holding the driver’s seat, and on the rear of the vehicle were two armed men, each carrying a gun.

They were the forest officials and forest officials were armed.

One of the men was wearing a long, black jacket with a white shirt and a red bowler hat.

He had a long beard.

The other man was wearing an outfit that had a green shirt with white trousers, a black bowler, and some kind of white hat with an orange bowler.

In addition to these two armed people, they also had a civilian who had his hands on his waist, and two men, one with his feet on the ground, and another one who was wearing boots.

One man was carrying a white pistol, while the other was holding a black pistol with a black trigger.

The two men were dressed in full army fatigues, and were wearing camouflage uniforms.

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