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How crypto-currencies and blockchain are saving Australia’s timber industry

On Sunday, a team of Australian researchers, led by Australian scientist Michael Hutton, discovered a new type of timber that’s very rare, and is a key ingredient for Australia’s largest timber industry.

Hutton and his team have been working to identify the timber, called ‘oak timber’, for the last six years, and they are optimistic that it’s found an Australian buyer.

The research was published in the journal Science Advances.

They found that the species is endemic to Australia’s central coast and the eastern New South Wales area, and can be found in all sorts of wood species including birch, beech, hemlock and cypress.

But it’s not a native species, so it’s extremely rare.

“The timber is so rare, so this species is so special to Australia, we are really lucky,” Hutton said.

“But we also know that we have to deal with a lot of the problems that are associated with native species and this is one of them.”

The researchers have been in the field for the past two years collecting data, and have found that timber has a wide variety of biological attributes, including high protein content and good oxygen content.

The scientists say the species has a strong preference for woody, well-drained, dry, and low-oxygen soils.

“It’s very high protein, high protein and very high oxygen content,” Huttings said.

This is one reason that it was important to collect this species before it was shipped overseas, as this could make it harder to get it into Australia.

It’s also important to note that the scientists were not able to extract any sap from the timber.

That’s because they had to collect sap from a different species, which is called ‘tree sap’.

The researchers say that tree sap is a form of sap from trees, which are usually found in the forest floor and in soil.

“Tree sap has a lot more nitrogen than the other types of sap,” Hutchings said, meaning it has a higher content of carbon and oxygen.

“So, you can expect that it is a good source of carbon.”

Hutchings and his colleagues have identified two major populations of oak timber in the eastern and central New South, but they need to get the species in stock to make the trees available to growers.

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