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Timber Hollow apartments to close, move to new digs after fire

A new building in the remote Timber Hill area of Queensland’s Kimberley is to close after a fire.

Key points:A building with six units was built in the late 1980sTimber Hollow is one of the oldest residential developments in the KimberleyThe building will have six apartments and a two-storey townhouseA new community development is expected to be built next yearTimber Hill, about 150 kilometres northeast of Townsville, is a suburb of Towns and a popular destination for holidaymakers.

It is one block from Townsville’s busy town centre, with the town’s famous Town Hall.

The town hall is one mile from the town centre and just three kilometres from the new residential development.

The fire was the second in three months in the area.

A second fire last month burned a home in a residential complex, and a third fire has been blamed for the destruction of homes in the nearby town of Murchison.

The new townhouse will have the same design as the first three buildings, with a two storey town house and three apartment units.

The building, called Timber Hollow, has been under construction for more than 30 years.

Residents say they are grateful for the new townhome, which will be a welcome change.

“We were looking forward to getting back into our homes,” resident Lisa Lyle said.

“There was so much work that needed to be done.

We wanted to move into our townhouse, we were very grateful to have the opportunity to do that.”

The townhouse has been designed by local firm Wineski Architects.

It will have a total of six apartments, including a one-bedroom unit, a two bedroom and a three bedroom.

A community development has not been announced, but it will be built in future.

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