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Timber Pines Resigns After Two Year ‘No’ From PM

Timber Pires Lodge Apartments in Wollongong, north-west of Brisbane, have pulled out of the state’s new National Building Permit regime after being forced to abandon a $20,000 offer to buy a 60-year-old heritage-listed timber lodge.

Timber Pines Lodge Apartment owners have also withdrawn their offer to purchase the property on the Wollongs Creek in the Northern Territory’s Kimberley region, which has a heritage value of $2.5 million.

Timbers owner Nicky Wood, the owner of Timber Pains Lodge Apartters in North Queensland, said the decision was based on “strong community sentiment” and that he had received no official support from the government to get the timber lodge properties into the permit regime.

Mr Wood said he was “disappointed” that the State Government had been “failing to recognise our community interest in preserving the properties”.

“We have not received any formal government support to allow us to continue building these properties and our family has been left holding the bag,” Mr Wood said.

Timbre Creek has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1976 and is owned by the Wilsons.

The owners of TimberPines Lodge and Timber Ponds Lodge are both planning to build a 30-metre (88ft) timber structure on the property.

“We are hopeful the new National Planning and Development Agency will allow us, with the help of our local Aboriginal community, to rebuild these properties in a way that preserves our heritage,” Mr Woods said.

“These are properties that we’ve built for the community and our heritage is our heritage.”

Mr Wood and his wife, Janet, who also owns the Timber Pears Lodge, have already completed the project on the site and plan to sell the property in a bid to make a profit.

The proposed timber building, a 50-metres-long timber structure with a total length of 120 metres (260ft), would be the first timber building on the land since the Willsons moved to the Wollsons Creek in 1958.

It would be owned by Timber Pills Lodge, Timber Pies Lodge and the TimberPears Lodge and would include a small guest house.

Timberec trees have long been a popular site for building structures in the Kimberley, and it is believed timber structures can be found in many Aboriginal communities around the region.

“This is the first time in history that we have been given a historic timber building permit and I’m very excited that we are going to be able to build these new structures,” Mr Todd said.

Mr Todd said the proposed timber structure would be an example of “community work” that was “taken seriously” by the Government.

“When you build something, you want to be the model and that’s what we’re going to try and achieve with this project,” he said.

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