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The first ever tree-shooting bug larva was discovered in oak logs

A new species of tree-dwelling insect larva has been discovered in logs, and it’s the first to have been identified in a wood.

Scientists from the University of Bristol have described the new tree-jumping beetle as a new species.

It is a subspecies of the beetle called Timber snake, which is found in trees across the UK.

The research was carried out by Prof. Tim Walshe, a senior lecturer in biology at the University’s School of Biological Sciences.

It’s a little bit surprising, he told Polygon.

“We know the Tree Snake species was in use in England until around the time of the Civil War.”

But we’ve never really seen any evidence that it’s been imported to the UK.

“Timber snake can lay up to five eggs per day.

They lay out of the ground, which gives them the appearance of a small tree trunk.

Timber snakes are common in Britain, and can grow to be about a metre across.

Timbers are particularly common in the north of England, but also grow in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and parts of England and Wales.

Prof Walshen said:”It’s unusual to see such an invasive species in the UK, as we have no documented cases of Timber Snake in this part of the country.”

There are probably other species that are similar in appearance, but I’m not sure they have a common ancestor.”

Timbers can lay eggs in logs that are about 20cm wide and 15cm deep.

They can live for up to a year.

The new species was identified by a team led by Prof Walshel.

The larva is found on logs, which are a good food source for the beetles.

It can eat the bark, the bark debris, twigs and other wood products of logs.

Timers are also known to lay eggs inside bark and in logs used for fuel.

Prof Karel Dejicic, who led the research, said:We have previously described a new tree jumping beetle called a Timber snake.

This is the first time we have seen a new, subspecies in a tree.

“It is possible that this new species is a novel species that has only been described in the literature.”

Hopefully it can help scientists to better understand how the tree-mimicking beetle larvae can live in the forest.

“Timers have been found on tree trunks in England and Scotland.

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